Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Fun

        Last Monday night for FHE, we went to the Plaza to view the lights of the Season.  We all enjoyed it and traveled there in the mission van driven by Elder Atwood.  But, one of the funnest things was stopping at the cheesecake factory and getting a piece of cheesecake.  Some of us went to cold stone across the street and had ice cream.  Here we are with the Seamans, Sister Jensen & Sister Arnold, The Fullmers, the Blacks, and in Front, the Atwoods and the Melins.

        Last night, the Stake Presidency gave their annual Christmas dinner for the missionaries in this stake.  Here we are in line to eat.  The women got to go first.

        This is Sister Cato, the Stake President's wife.  She was in charge and is awesome.  She's probably just relaxing a bit for the evening.

        Elder Dunn is the host for family feud game between the Stake Presidency and the Mission Presidency.  It was completely a wash out for the Stake Presidency.  But, they were good sports.  Elder Dunn did an amazingly good job as host.  And the audience was great and involved.

        This is Dr. and Sister Affleck, new missionary couple over the Medical Area of our mission and other missions.  He is doing the same thing as Dr. John Lyman did in California.  In fact, they know each other and are good friends.  He is here taking a picture of us, as we are doing the same to him.

        These are just some of the missionaries in our Stake:  Elders: Goro, Whiting, Dunn, Vaughn, McCurdy, and Taylor.  They did the advertisements between the rounds of Family Feud.  Elder Dunn and Elder Vaughn are serving with us in Riverview Branch.

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